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Umbro Health Bracelet


The bendable, comfortable Fitbit Flex, ­released in May, is a rubberized bracelet with a tiny display of five glowing white dots that let you know how close you’ve come to reaching your goal.leo.


With its simple rubber band and slick black watch face, the Basis B1, available in black or white, looks like any other digital watch. The innovation is underneath: Sensors on the back track heart rate, perspiration, and skin temperature; in addition, a standard accelerometer counts steps and monitors sleep patterns.

1 review for Umbro Health Bracelet

  1. Mario Madureira

    Cons: Because it doesn’t have a screen or Bluetooth syncing, you can’t check your step count during the day without plugging the Up into your iPhone. The springy bracelet can occasionally snag on clothes or pop off.
    Should you buy it? Yes. The Up’s advantage is its killer app: It just counts steps and monitors your sleep patterns. And the long-­lasting battery makes it very easy to incorporate into your routine.

  2. Mario Madureira
    3 out of 5

    Truly worth the money.

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